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To acquaint people with its spiritual and charitable objectives and to establish harmony and unity amongst the people, the Society organizes spiritual gatherings on a very large scale all over India and abroad, being attended by large numbers of people from all walks of life, at which representatives of various religious and social organizations, as well as eminent personalities, are invited to speak. The membership of M.U.S.S. is drawn from all levels and communities and it is totally opposed to casteism and untouchability. Anyone is welcome at any of its ashrams and centers.

To eliminate all the social distinct disparities, and to establish mutual love and brotherhood in human beings irrespective of their caste, creed, religion and nationality,


the Society arranges every year mammoth spiritual congregations known as "Sadbhawna Sammelans" in big cities, towns and villages across the country, where large number of people of different castes and religions sit together to understand and practice the common thread in all human beings.

Spiritual Master Shri Satpal Ji Maharaj, saints and other eminent and learned speakers address these programs, inspiring the audience to understand the common basic principles underlying in different religions and thus give up hatred, jealousy and quarrelling in the name of religion. These programs generate a peaceful atmosphere and inspire the audience to attain the highest human values with a perfect restraint against drug addiction, untouchability and other social evils and disparities. Free accommodations and meals, security, medical assistance etc. for the visiting delegates is arranged by the Society with the co-operation of its members and the local people who give time, selfless service and voluntary donations.

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