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Satlok Ashram is the second Ashram to be founded by Shri Hans Ji Maharaj (Prem Nagar being the first). It was established in 1962 on the banks of the Ganges Canal at Muradnagar, in the district of Ghaziabad, approximately 35 kms from Delhi.

Satlok Ashram

Entrance and main building

Besides its primary function as an agricultural ashram, Shri Hans Ji Maharaj, in his later years, envisioned building on this site temples of all religions to indicate the oneness of the core teaching of all religions. He even prepared a blueprint of the complex. After his passing in July 1966, his wife Shri Mata Rajeshwari Devi took over and continued his work, developing this ashram in a spirit of devotion and dedication to Shri Hans Ji Maharaj.

Shri Mata Ji set up a free clinic and dispensary to serve the local community. Patients come from all sections of society and age groups. There is a homoeopathic clinic and a regular (allopathic) clinic where two doctors and their assistants treat on average 50 patients per day. A range of diseases, depending on the season, are treated here.

A major attraction of Satlok Ashram is Shri Hans Intermediate College, which Shri Mata Ji started in 1969 with 200 students. Today 2,500 students are enrolled. Of these, 800 study in the English medium school known as Mata Rajeshwari Bal Shiksha Kendra, and 1700 study in the Hindi medium school. There is a staff of 47 teachers, together with their assistants.

Shri Hans Intermediate College is renowned throughout the region for its high educational and ethical standards and its discipline, that is why it has been a designated centre for Public ('Board') Examinations for many years.

The school has 62 classrooms, 8 halls, laboratories and a library. A range of sports, drama, cultural programs and debating opportunities are available to the students. In conjunction with Indian Government provisions, education is provided free in the Hindi medium section of the school. Nominal fees are charged in the English medium section. This is very important in providing poor children with a chance to access educational opportunities which would otherwise be beyond their reach, as proficiency in English is a must for securing tertiary education.

Satlok Ashram is spread over an area of about 20 acres. Seasonal crops such as wheat, sugarcane and potatoes are grown in its fields. There is also an orchard and plant nursery at the eastern side of the ashram, which is delightfully cool on hot summer days. The fields are irrigated by water pumped from tubewells, the electricity to power which is provided by a battery of solar panels.

Satlok Ashram

Battery of solar panels which generates electricity for irrigation

Satlok Ashram

One of the main pumphouses

There are two main buildings housing the dining room and kitchens and accommodation for ashram residents, mahatmas and guests. More than one hundred disciples live and work in the ashram. The holy function of Guru Pooja is held at Satlok Ashram every year, during which thousands of people assemble to listen to satsang from Guru Maharaj Ji. All food and accommodation is provided on-site.

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