Janata Jage Padyatra

The third Padyatra, 'Janata Jage Padyatra' (People Awake Foot-march!) started from Bodh Gaya to Patna (Patliputra), in Bihar in February 1986. At every stop along the way, he called upon the local people to reawaken the spiritual and humanitarian ideals embodied by Lord Buddha and Mahavir. He said, "We are here to pay homage to the divine experience which turned Prince Siddhartha into Lord Buddha. If we could have the same experience, our lives will also be transformed. Society can be changed when we change ourselves, and then our descendents will inherit the Golden Age."

In a place like Bihar, where the fires of religious and social prejudices and bigotry are flaring up day and night his message was, " You all are temples of the Divine Energy. You are His mosques, churches, Gurudwaras and Ghompas. Awaken and realize the power within yourselves, smash down the walls of hatred and enmity, and spread the message of love, peace and unity."