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God gave us human body exclusively to remember holy name of God which is the Primordial Vibration and to meditate on Divine Light. Material and worldly things like eating, drinking, producing ofspring etc.pertain to our body and not to us, as we are not bodies. We are spirit, primordial vibration. Body contains primordial vibration. When it leaves it, body becomes dead and loses all importance and sanctity in the world.


So, we have to be aware and conscious that we have to accomplish the divine task of doing meditation assigned to us by the Almighty. Saints and scriptures say that if we fail to do this, then we shall be not given human birth, rather we will have to take birth in 84 lakhs of species. This is the truth and not any hearsay because this has been experienced and known by the saints by virtue of doing meditation So, Let us attend to discourse, acquire the knowledge and meditate to make our human life successful in all respets.