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How to attain permanent peace

Remember that so long as one’s mind attaches importance to an object and is tempted by it, nay, as long as its possession is supposed to be the sign of good fortune or God’s grace and its absence

You Are Your Attention

We have a certain amount of breath granted daily and it fuels our being, enabling us to do our daily activities by using our minds to orchestrate our life and tend our interest, guiding us to be

Tolerance, The Atrubute of Wisdom

It is human nature that a person wants to dominate others. He blames others for his misfortunes. The lack of tolerance among human beings has created lot of

The law of cause and effect

Every moment of our lives we are either creating something or disintegrating with our own thoughts. Remember, everything in this universe in energy, including our thoughts. Energy is neither created nor destroyed. Everything is vibrating at sub-atomic level but we are just unaware of it because we cannot experience it through our five basic senses. The only way to experience it is by going beyond our sense and being in the conscious or awareness state. That is when and where you will realize that we are connected. In our conscious state it is hard to comprehend, because we tend to identify ourselves as individuals beings in the form of human body. Everything in the universe operates under exact precision and law. We as human beings are the highest creation amongst the 8.4 million other species and everything is operating in harmonious way.

Well, the law of cause and effect or action and reaction is widely misunderstood and therefore widely misused in our society today. If we look at our lives at the most basic, fundamental level, we can see so many problems relating to how we act and react to different situation in life. Remember, nobody is perfect. It is our imperfect thoughts and reaction that are causing all the miseries. Why are we doing this? The answer might lie in our upbringing and surroundings. However, as we grow and start to differentiate everything, we build our ego and our attachments to material things expand. Thus we develop a conditioned mind whereby we act and react in certain ways to everything.

When a child is born he/ she is so pure, without any attachments or ‘maya’. As a child grows into teenager and through to adulthood, he starts to accumulate materialistic wealth: the sort of things that gives great physical and mental pleasure only. However, these kinds of pleasures are only temporary they will remain here on earth as they are physical things. I relate to life like a river where you accumulate materialistic things by flowing down the river if life. You ignore all the spiritual things along the banks of this river and keep flowing. According to you, life is perfect, until suddenly you feel that the river’s current is getting stronger and you are struggling to remove to the shore. But you have not realized is that the strong current is leading towards a gigantic waterfall. Whatever happens next is anybody’s guess. Your survival will depend on your ‘karma’. Every thought we create either leads to a positive or negative reaction. So let’s analyze our thinking and reactions through our supreme awareness and express our love and gratitude to everyone. Remember that we are connected spiritually.

A good thought will express good vibrations and a bad one will attract bad vibrations to and through you to whomever its indented. Remember, everything is energy and energy vibrates at various levels. Your thought too, becomes a particle in a subtle form and travels to its intended destination in the form of energy. Isn’t it a bit scary to think about? However, this is the fundamental truth. Spirituality as always taught that to us through satsung, however, science has proven it through some DNA experiments. So you may label this as ‘the karmic law’. ‘sowing and reaping’, ‘cause and effects’, ‘action and reaction’. How you refer to these laws is of little importance, but the ‘understanding’ of how it works is vitally important. The thoughts, feelings and actions that you express in life are the seeds that you ‘sow’. The conditions, circumstances and things that come into your life are the harvest you reap as a result of the seeds that you sowed.

I believe we were given this precious life to serve one another and live in harmony. We should be blessed for obtaining the true Knowledge from a true Spiritual Teacher, our ‘Satguru’. So let us all dwell other thoughts in our true purpose and spread the words of ‘sadbhavana’ (peace and goodwill) to all in a practical way.